Professional Congress Organizers (PCO)

Whether you are organizing a 50 person event, or a congress in which hundreds will participate, demands are just as complicated. So, leave all the details to us. We undertake the full Management of your Congress.


Planning / Offer
  • The foundation for the proper planning of an event is the appreciation of the organizers’ needs, ideas, wishes and budget.
  • PCO CONVIN prepares its proposal concerning the place and the specifics of the event, after thorough discussions with the organizers.
  • The presentation of the proposal is always done in-person, so that all questions may be answered immediately.
  • This also enables us to alter or adjust the proposal, so that all of the organizers’ needs and wishes are satisfied.


PCO CONVIN prepares a full economic plan, covering all possible and expected expenses, as well as suggestions for possible funding sources.

Execution / Organization / Coordination

No detail is insignificant to us. The approved plans and schedules are precisely followed.

Coordination of the Scientific Program

  •  Creation of a Web Site for the Congress
  •  Electronic submission of Summaries / Scientific Papers
  •  Electronic enrollment for the Congress
  •  Collection of Summaries and submission for evaluation
  •  Briefing of the authors
  •  Collection and delivery of pre-registrations
  •  Dispatch of all necessary correspondence with the speakers, coordinators and participants


  • PCO CONVIN conducts a thorough market research, in order to discover sponsors for your event.
  • Prospective sponsors are initially contacted through appealing and informative brochures, designed and printed by us.
  • Emphasis is placed on the possibilities for promotion presented to them, through the different types of sponsorships.
  • The initial correspondence is followed by personal contact of our associates with the sponsors.
  • PCO CONVIN manages sponsorships from the signing of the contract, up until their final settlement.

Coordination of the Tourist and Social Programs

  • PCO CONVIN is constantly seeking new, interesting places, where events may be held.
  • Our associates visit all possible locations and present them to you, so you can safely choose the one that suits your needs and preferences.
  • Accommodations for the participants are selected according to highest standards.
  • Areas where events will be held are arranged and decorated accordingly.
  • Great emphasis is given to the security of the participants.
  • PCO CONVIN helps you select the most advantageous offers from suppliers of the necessary equipments.
  • We also undertake to create informative, tasteful and innovative brochures.
  • Furthermore, we provide tourist support for the participants and their escorts. This includes transportation, excursions and guided tours.
  • Finally, special attention is paid to the proposals for the social and cultural events, associated with the congress. We offer a huge variety of choices, which are certain to satisfy all tastes.

Publicizing and Promotion of the Congress

  •  On the Internet and in all publications of related interest
  •  Organizing Press Conferences
  •  Publishing Press Announcements in all public media, in medical periodicals and magazines, etc.
  •  Placing posters in hospitals, Medical Care offices and other areas of interest
  •  Securing Promotion Sponsors


We undertake:

  •  Pre-registration of participants and recording of information on PCO CONVIN’s computer system
  •  Contact with pre-registered participants and confirmation
  •  Creation of a list of pre-registered participants
  •  Creation of badges for the participants
  •  Electronic surveillance of entrances and exits of participants to and from the convention rooms
  •  Management of on-site documents

Organizing the Commercial exhibition

Complementing the scientific update, a congress offers an ideal opportunity for information on the latest technological developments in your field.

For that reason, we consider the organizing of the Scientific exhibition, one of the most important aspects of a Congress.

We undertake:

  •  A thorough study and detailed planning of the exhibition are and the stands
  •  The collection and evaluation of offers from construction companies
  •  The designing and printing of a personalized, informative pamphlet, which is sent to possible exhibitors
  •  The preparation of the area for the construction of the stands and the coordination during the exhibition
  •  The financial management of the exhibition, until the final settlement of all the exhibitors’ accounts



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