Association Management

Our company has a long experience and good knowledge of the conference market. The combination of this experience together with the capabilities of our staff for a strategic development approach, places us at the top of AMCs (Association Management Company) in Greece.

With factual and flexible solutions adjusted to each entity’s rules, our associates enjoy the successful outcome of the project and benefit from our large network of health professionals, publishers, pharmaceutical companies, exhibitors, conference venues, media and other professionals of this field.

CONVIN…. the quality in services.... What distinguishes us?

  • Personnel with vast knowledge in the structure of organisations, events and the wide variety of this industry.
  • Our staff’s Continuous updating and training, through seminars and workshops organised by  international Associations, being members of some of them, such as ICCA (International Convention and Congress Association), EFAPCO (European Federation of the Associations of Professional Congress Organisers) and IAPCO (International Association of Professional Congress Organisers).
  • High level quality services, certified by those Associations.
  • Integrated solutions, competitive prices and payment terms by our long-term very carefully selected suppliers in this market, such as hoteliers, convention centres etc.
  • Our obsession in quality, flexibility and professionalism.

Α.      Project Management

Our services:

  • Accredited and certified Events  (via ISO, CMP, etc)
  • Data base creation of members and a marketing and promotion campaign
  • Public Relations
  • Monitoring cases & regulations within and outside the EU
  • Organisation of seminars, training courses and workshops
  • Providing office premises and headquarters for the company
  • Providing secretariat support (correspondence, mailings, newsletters, etc.)
  • Creation and Management of the Website and maintaining it updated
  • Promotion to the media - Press conferences

The approach:

  • Placement of a person in charge, ensuring the highest quality in communication and in project execution
  • Transparency in financial management and detailed budget and  descriptions and analysis
  • Design and execution under a fixed schedule and timeline
  • Communication platforms on the cutting edge of technology
  • Continuous updating of the event progress and statistics

Β.      Consulting Services

  • Frequent meetings with representatives of the organisation, for target setting
  • Research on the state of members and the current position of the organisation in the market
  • Schedule of the action plan and the timeline
  • Create a journal of the organisation (if not already existing)
  • Operation and analysis of financial data
  • Strategy and development plan
  • Provide legal advice by our company’s lawyers
  • Provide financial and accounting advice by our company’s financial director
  • Advice on Tax Issues
  • Marketing and communication strategy
  • Occasionally review of members' benefits in relation to annual subscription
  • Review of the annual subscription cost
  • Collection of the members’ annual subscription (online via the company's website or during scientific events, or by telephone communication)
  • Strategic design of the annual scientific events of the organisation 
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