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Corporate Events

It is about time company events not to be considered an obligation.

We can make the difference in your event.

Put an end to those boring gatherings, where no one is having fun.

The correct, imaginative organisation creates the proper mood for the attainment of your goals.

Our associates study your needs and objectives and plan every aspect of the event according to the profile of your company. Invitations, decoration, menus and artistic events created especially for the advance your objectives.

The extremely successful company events we have organised in Greece and abroad, are testament to our efficiency.

Specifically, we provide:

  • Detailed planning of the event based on your needs
  • Variety of locations and arrangements from which to choose
  • Designing and printing, of invitations, menus, brochures, etc.
  • Production of informative films and presentations
  • Market research and supply, of souvenirs / advertising gifts.
  • Composition of Press Announcements and promotion of your event through the Media.
  • Submission of ideas and suggestions for an original, quality artistic event.
  • Transportation of participants to and from the event.


Destination Management

Why Greece

Greece is situated on the crossroad of Europe and Asia. The historical and cultural heritage of Greece continues to affect the modern world in the fields of literature, art and philosophy.

Although a small country, Greece has a very diverse topography varying from:

  • imposing mountains waiting to be explored
  • lakes being home to numerous rare bird species
  • lush forests
  • over 2.500 islands, arid ones, coloured only by the blue of the sea and the white of the houses and verdurous ones, with forests that reach the tip of the emerald waters of the sea.

Each piece of this land is an archaeological treasure, and each town has its own rich history, its own tradition and its own attractions.
Every town, village or island is a culinary paradise thanks to the rich raw materials generously provided to the people by the earth: vegetables, legumes, olives, fruits, fresh fish and other seafood.

Over the last fifteen years, and especially after 2004 (the year that Greece hosted the Olympic Games) Greece has seen a frenzy of infrastructure development.
The country blooms with new and bold projects from one corner to the other: Harbours, Airports, Motorways, Subways, Accommodation Infrastructure. The quality of these constructions is of the highest international standard.

Our services as DMC

Our love for Greece and our conviction that our country may be one of the most important conference as well as tourist destinations in the world, leads us to constantly explore and discover every hidden area.
The necessity to appoint the qualitative side of our region, leads us to a continuous research and regular evaluation of our suppliers and the services they provide.

We are always ready to respond to your every need, whether it is the organisation of a conference, a corporate or a promotional event or a leisure travel, to recommend to you the best hotels, restaurants, ground transportation and multilingual experienced guides, always providing high quality services at a reasonable cost.

An indicative list of services we provide is the following:

Accommodation in selected 3, 4 or 5 star hotels 

  • Air tickets
  • Ferry tickets
  • Car rental
  • Yacht rental
  • Transportation with new and luxurious buses and professional drivers
  • Private transportation with luxury taxis or limousines and professional english-speaking drivers chauffeurs
  • Guided tours in all languages by licensed professional guides

Why Greece?

Unique Cultural History

Greece is considered to be the cradle of Western culture and democracy. In recent years, has become a top tourist destination, both for Europeans and for people from every corner of the Earth. The combination of state-of-the-art facilities and the unique cultural history attracts travelers, who wish to experience a voyage to the past and enjoy the present.


Why Greece?

Ideal Climate

The climate in Greece is typical Mediterranean, mild with almost 300 days with sunshine, in Athens and the Islands, throughout the year. The daily mean temprature in athens in the winter is above 10°C (50°F) and during the summer, even if the daily mean temperature is relativly high with 27,5°C (81,5°F), the low relative humidity (below 50%) and the NE-wind from the Aegean Sea maintain a very pleasant feeling. One can say that the summer in Greece lasts from April to October, sometimes until November.


Why Greece?

Natural Environment

In Greece, the wide range of geomorphologic conditions enables a high diversity in the ecosystems. The sea is the most consistent influence on the physical environment of Greece. The elaborately irregular Greek coastline, the longest in the Mediterranean Basin, counts 13.700 kilometers (8.500 miles).


Why Greece?

Gastronomy & Hospitality

Greeks are known all over the world for their gastronomy and hospitality. In every greek home there is always a place where a guest can stay and there is always enough food to cater to every guests taste. The fact that the word "xenos" can be translated to both foreigner and guest, shows the strong cultural affinity of the Greeks to hospitality.


Why Greece?


Greece has a developed Infrastructure, that enebles the flawless integration of every aspect of an event. Starting from the Athens International Airport, one of the best in Europe, and following to the Highways, one can reach the modern city hotels and resorts in Athens and mainland. Further, through domestic flights and highly modernised seaways there is a variety of islands offering plaesant travel extensions.


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