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Our close involvement in the world of international conferencing gives us a deep understanding of what international associations are looking for.

The bidding preparation consists of a detailed and fully structured presentation of many services/actions such as consultancy, budgeting, preparation of the bidding brochure, promotional activities etc.

CONVIN studies the request for proposal for hosting a Congress, analyses the criteria,  prepares a plan for the organization of the congress and presents  the venue proposals with analytical budget.

In cooperation with local ambassadors CONVIN requests and obtains endorsements from public & private sector, relative scientific societies, eminent key-people, from Greece or abroad, relative to the congress field, etc.

Τhe produced BID book is tailored to the particular requirements of every congress.


Our team of experts is focusing on the planning process in order to help our clients achieve their organization's goals.

This process initially involves goal setting followed by a strategic and operation plan, which includes:

  • Developing the approach to achieve those goals
  • Developing tasks to meet those goals
  • Determining resources needed to implement tasks
  • Developing schedules and timetables with clear, specific milestones and deadlines
  • Determining tracking and assessment method
  • Finalizing plan
  • Distribution to all involved in the process


Consulting & Supervising

At CONVIN we offer Consulting Services in order to support businesses at strategic, operational and financial level.

Following a customized approach for each client/ association and focusing on their concerns, we understand their needs in depth, hence designing and implementing effective solutions to their needs.

We implement integrated methodologies and practices in order to guide and support our clients in major strategic, operational, financial, and administrative issues.

To accomplish integrated solutions, Consulting Services are provided through two concrete pillars:

  • Strategy and business planning
  • Operational excellence services

We ensure quality services are delivered by closely monitoring every step of the process in organizing an event.

More specific, supervising activities in progress to ensure they are on-course and on-schedule in meeting the objectives and performance targets


We strongly believe that reporting is an invaluable working tool for any kind of business and we definitely use it as such at CONVIN , internally for self-assessment and constantly improvement and externally, as part of our commitment to our clients for high class services.

Through monthly reports, we communicate to them,

  • progress on project time schedule
  • communication & promotion activities updates
  • budget updates
  • delegate services updates (registrations)
  • scientific updates (abstracts, invited speakers)
  • sponsorship updates
  • other information which has been compiled as a result of our research and analysis of data and various issues

This method helps clients not only understand – at a glance- the monthly status but also provides them useful information for decision-making.

At the event closing, we produce an invaluable, full and concrete report regarding the complete organizational process (pre-post-after event) including evaluation and useful information for their upcoming events

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